Latin Solo Example

Having a passion for music takes many forms. Not only do I love to write, record and perform music but I also enjoy teaching music. Nothing makes me happier than watching a student experience that aha! moment or teaching them a shortcut that will save them years practicing  something incorrectly. So today I would like to share the approach I used to learn how to solo on the guitar, I suppose this approach would work well with any instrument. What I did was learn the basic scales and arpeggios associated with the type of music I was into. This developed the muscle memory and the callouses and the flexibility to go on to the next step which was to learn my favorite parts of my favorite solos (called ”licks”) which inevitably led to the next step  which was to learn my favorite guitar solos in their entirety ( With the help of YouTube and the internet of course).

After getting a hand full of solos under your belt  your will start to notice patterns which are used in general  for that particular style of guitar soloing which naturally find their way into your improvisations. This approach may not work for everybody but it worked really well for me mainly because it was exciting to learn my favorite songs and that always kept me moving forward and evolving as a guitarist. I found some great tips on developing speed as well as the 5 most commonly used guitar scales in rock an roll.

Here is a video demonstrating the use of scales and rock licks in a Latin music context